Abel Avalos


Abel Avalos came to Sayulita in 1991 and has been a major force in the growth and prosperity of this once small fishing village. He has acquired a vast knowledge of the people and properties in Sayulita and the surrounding areas.  

Nayeli Rodriguez

Nayeli Sayulita

I am a 4th generation born and raised in Sayulita. Growing up, my father worked in a real estate agency, and always talked to me about real estate.
I started working at Avalos Realty in September of 2003. I have a great knowledge of all the properties and people of Sayulita, as well as the surrounding villages. I enjoy my work and the people I meet. I enjoy helping families find their new homes, and help others move on.
It has always been a pleasure, and I have been part of many new innovations and of many new ideas proposed for the growth of Sayulita and I look forward to many more for the future generations.

Patricia Wagner

Pat Wagner - Avalos Realty - Sayulita

I received my Real Estate license from New York in 1976. I worked in New York till we transplanted to Mexico in 1991.
I had met, knew, and worked with Abel`s partner since 1983 when we purchased a property in Bucerias from her. I would help her with the English speaking clients in her Bucerias office when we vacationed. In 1991 she offered me a permanent sales position.
I have continued to work with her and Abel in Real Estate, first in Bucerias then in Sayulita for nearly 20 + years. After her passing I remained with Abel. It has been a pleasure to have served so many interesting people. You have remained repeat clients and friends. I am honored in your trust and confidence in our office and staff for so many years. I look forward to many new clients who will eventually be called friends as well.